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Margaret Thatcher personally hand signed Statecraft book.

Margaret Thatchers words: "I wanted to write one more book -- and I wanted it to be about the future. In this age of spin-doctors and sound bites, the ever present danger is that leaders will follow fashion and not their instincts and beliefs. That was not how the West won the Cold War, not how we created the basis for today's freedom and prosperity. If we wish to make our achievements secure for our children and grandchildren, the West must stay vigilant and strong. In this book it will be my purpose to show that it can -- and must- be done."

Early in 2003 Lady Thatcher kindly agreed to sign a very limited number of Statecraft books.
Lady Thatcher personally signed these Statecraft books at her London office/residence/home.
We managed to obtain those books and now we have them available for purchase.
We originally purchased these hand signed books through Politico's bookstore which was originally located at 8 Artillery Row, Westminster, London, SW1P 1RZ, very near to the House of Commons U.K. Parliament.
The Harper Collins boxes with the books inside were delivered to Lady Thatchers London office/residence/home where she handled and personally hand signed each book, then after a period they were delivered back to Politico's and then sent to Mr Johnson.
Below you will see the boxes the books arrived in and also there are letters and receipts for the books.
All the books have been personally handled by Lady Thatcher and are in the condition they were when delivered to Mr Johnson in 2003.

We have a very limited number available and once they have sold we will not be able to aquire anymore due to Lady Thatcher's passing.
Iain Dale who was the owner of Politicos bookstore is a very well respected gentleman in the world of politics and you can find more information about him on this website.
His customer services manager at Politico's was Aileen Butler and she wrote some letters explaining the details of how Lady Thatcher signed these books.
Mr Johnson is the President and Owner of the Elvis Presley Museum, for more information please visit:

N.B. :
we have more than one of these signed books, we have photographed one below, but they are all very similar.

The price for each signed Statecraft thick paperback book is (Please email us for price)

The signed book will be sent Royal Mail Special Delivery to the U.K. GBP-Pounds £12 fully insured and Royal Mail Airsure worldwide GBP-Pounds £22 fully insured wrapped in acid free paper, bubblewrap and polystyrene popcorn and sent in a protective double wall box. The postage and packing fee is the actual cost.

These books are personally handled and hand signed on the actual book by Lady Thatcher.
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Margaret Thatcher's political career has been one of the most remarkable of modern times. Born in October 1925 at Grantham, a small market town in eastern England, she rose to become the first (and for two decades the only) woman to lead a major Western democracy. She won three successive General Elections and served as British Prime Minister for more than eleven years (1979-90), a record unmatched in the twentieth century.

During her term of office she reshaped almost every aspect of British politics, reviving the economy, reforming outdated institutions, and reinvigorating the nation's foreign policy. She challenged and did much to overturn the psychology of decline which had become rooted in Britain since the Second World War, pursuing national recovery with striking energy and determination.

In the process, Margaret Thatcher became one of the founders, with Ronald Reagan, of a school of conservative conviction politics, which has had a powerful and enduring impact on politics in Britain and the United States and earned her a higher international profile than any British politician since Winston Churchill.

By successfully shifting British economic and foreign policy to the right, her governments helped to encourage wider international trends which broadened and deepened during the 1980s and 1990s, as the end of the Cold War, the spread of democracy, and the growth of free markets strengthened political and economic freedom in every continent.

For the last quarter century Margaret Thatcher has been one of the world's most influential and respected political leaders, as well as one of the most controversial, dynamic, and plain-spoken.

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